Students from Chojna :)


Adriana Jesionek


Hi everyone! 

 So, what can I say about myself ? Well then ..

I'm Adriana Jesionek , but friends call me Ada. I'm almost an adult because I'm 17. I live in Chojna with my parents, younger brother and a dog.

In my free time, I like playing and listening to music. I love music. I can play the piano, but I can’t sing. I like riding a horse, it’s my hobby. I also like snowboarding and hanging out with friends. I’m a very open person. I think I’ve got a lot of friends and I like meeting new people.

I’m very excited about this project and I hope I can make friends in this project, too.


Szia :)



Adrianna  Kowalczyk

Hi! My name is Ada Kowalczyk and I’m 16. I live in a small village called Mętno, 7 km from Chojna. I live in a big house with my parents and grandparents. I have one older brother. He is a student and comes home only on the weekends. I study in high school in class with extended math. I don’t now what I want do in the future. But definitely I won’t  be a teacher!  My favorite subject in school is… I don’t know.

I love reading books and comics and I’m crazy about it. I like watching films too.  My favorite writers are Philip K. Dick, Artur Conan Doyle and J.R.R Tolkien, but in fact, I read everything. My favorite comics hero is Iron Man and  Wolverine. Maybe you know them. I love listening to metal and punk music. My favorite bands are System of a down, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.  I can listen to their songs all the time. I don’t like sports. But sometimes I’m really active…but not at weekends. I love eating apples, chocolate, lollipops and drinking tea with lemon. I can drink it all the time. Seriously.    

          I’m  a cheerful and sociable person. I love meeting new people and having fun with them. I think I’m an optimist. My best friend sometimes say: You are a chaos! Because I’m really chill out and happy. I can’t be sad!      



Dagmara Drapaluk


At the beginning something about me:

I’m Dagmara Drapaluk and in August I’ll be 18. I live in a village, to school I’ve got 10 km. It’s not so far. My house is big, so I also have a big family. I am the oldest child.  

I usually wake up at 6:30. I go to school by car, so it takes about 15 minutes. I study in High school in Chojna. I’m in humanistic class, and I learn English and German.My favorite subject is  Maths. In the future I want to be a police officer, or I want do something with mathematics, maybe I’ll be a construction manager. I don’t know. We’ll see.

So, what do I like?

I like photographing. No matter where, no matter what, everywhere we can see something special or very beautiful.

I also like singing. Singing is a kind of fun for me.

I love every kind of sweets, chocolates and cookies. J

Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think so. Or maybe just a little bit.

I’ve got four friends, they are with me when I need them, and they never leave me, I know this.

I’ve got a boyfriend, he lives with me, so he is a big part of my life.

I have got defects like every human.  I am stubborn. This is my biggest defect.

It’s difficult for me to judge myself but I think that I’m helpful and calm, anyway I try to be like my mum. She’s some kind of hero for me but we don’t spend much time together.

In my life the most important are love and dreams.

I like meeting new people, explore their hobbies, dreams, what they like or what they don’t like.

I hope that we’ll see soon.


Xoxo, Dagmara.



Dawid Dziadkiewicz




My name is Dawid Dziadkiewicz, I am seventeen and I live in Grabowo that is a small, green village surrounded by fields and woods.

To school in Chojna I have 10 kilometres and I go by bus there. I live in a big house with my parents,  brother Mark, two sisters Ann and Dominica also I have four cats and a dog Tequila and you can see him in the picture. At school I am since 7.35 A.M but I wake up at 6.30 A.M and at home I am at 4 P.M. In my free time I learn, read interesting books,  listen to good music. I like playing football, volleyball and table tennis. I like fishing and walking, too. I also play computer games but lately more repeatedly. My favourite subjects are mathematics, physics and physical education. I hope that we will have a good time.


See you soon.


Dominika Krzosek

Hi everybody!


My name’ s Dominika Krzosek. I’ll be seventeen this year. I live in a village about 5km from Chojna, called Czartoryja. It’s a small, but really nice place with a beautiful wild forest just 500m far from my home.

I live in a flat with my parents and two older sisters. My mum is a housewife and I think, that she cooks pretty well. My dad works in Germany, so he’s at home only per 2-3 days a month. They can’t speak English at all, so comunication with them will be very interesting. Ola (23 years old) is studying Psychology and Wioletta (30 years old) works in the UK. I’ ve got two dogs, the smaller lives at home with us. It’s a really nice pet, but needs time to know strangers.

I’ ll be a dermatologist – that’s my dream, so I do everything I can to makes it come truth. I like Biology and Chemistry but I don’t like Physics. I’m attending the mathematical class, but it’s not connected with my future. I’m a member of  Volunteer Club, because helping people is important part of my life. It makes me a better person for sure.



Ewa Michalczyszyn

Hi everyone!

My name is Ewa Michalczyszyn. I live in a small town Chojna in Poland. I'm 16 years old and I'm the youngest one in the family. I've got 2 sisters and one brother. They've got their own life now so Ilive with parents and only one sister. My father works in Norway so I'm really happy when he's at home.


I like pets, I've got 2 fantastic cats and my hobby is aquarium maintenance. I love watching the fish,it calms me down. Of course I can't imagine the world without music... My favourite is electro and rock, but I ike listening to classical music too. Good films is next thing which I really like, for example "Blow" with Johnny Deep ( I love him ), " The Shawshank Redemption", "The Green Mile", "Léon" etc.

My favourite program is Discovery Science and in particular "Myth Busters" and "How is it made?"


 .. I’m very lazy but i like doing interesting things. Sometimes i'm nervous, sometimes very calm. I often think about life, live, people and the sense of being. I am afraid of passing.

The most important things for me: Family, health, love. Money is important too because i've got a lot of plans for my future. I'm going to be a dentist or an actress but no one knows what fate will bring.


It would be great if i could meet you all, because I like meeting new people. It could be amazing experience.


greetings for You ;)




Justyna Kałduńska


My name's Justyna Kałduńska. I'm 16 years old. I'm in my first year in High School. I like to learn English. I'm from Gądno. It'sa small village near Chojna. I live in a detached house with grandparents, parents and my younger brother Michał. He's seven.

I'm talkative and open-minded. Sometimes I'm a little bit obstinate:)

I have a lot of hobbies. I love music, especially rock music. I play the guitar. I also like reading, surfing the Internet, talking with friends and riding a horse (I have my own- she's Osaka. I also have a small dog- Max. He's so cute:) )

I'm very happy that I can take part in this project, because I like meeting new people.







Justyna Lidzka

My name is Justyna Lidzka and I’m 18. I live with my parents and my sister in a detached house, in the suburbs of Chojna. My sister, Karolina, is rarely at home because her university is located 200 kilometers away. There’s one more member of the family - my dog called Akela. She’s a cute and funny terrier.

I love meeting new people and I think I’m friendly.

I don’t think I have any special hobbies. The thing which is very important for me is music. I have a pretty broad taste - I like rock, rockabilly, rock’n’roll, metal, reggae,blues. My favouritesinger is Elvis Presley - I’ve been loving him since I was 9. I play the guitar or, in other words, I’m trying to play it. I like western books and movies. I blame it on my dad who loves aspects of the Old West. Westerns made me become interested in Native American culture. I love their art, legends, values. In my free time I like watching the sky using a telescope. I don’t know much about astronomy but watching the full moon and all those galaxies, planets and stars is something really exciting and intriguing.



Kacper Birger




My name is Kacper Birger, I am 17 years old and I live in the north-west part of Poland about  20 km from Chojna, town where I go to school. I live in a flat with my parents and my granddad. I also have a brother and a sister but they are older than me and they live on their own. I spend most of my day at school, usually since 7 A.M to 4 or 5 P.M. so I have not got a lot of free time. But when I have , I like reading historical book I also enjoy biking, playing volleyball, swimming and watching films. Geography and history are two subjects that I like the most. On weekend I like to sleep as long as it is possible.

Something about my village…It is small, peaceful and rounded by nature, located in the middle of nowhere. And this is it, my life and my village where I have spent the whole of it.

See you soon







Kamil Sarecki


My name is Kamil Sarecki and I am 16 years old. I live in Chojna with my family. It’s a small town, close to the German border.

I live at home with my parents. My mother Małgorzata is a hairdresser and my father Dariusz is a railman. We have a wonderful dog, Max. I am an only child so I have a big room only for me ;)

I very like listening to reggae and rap music,  reading horror books and watching films. My favorite subject is English and Maths. 

I like going out with my friends. We often eat pizza together, play football or just go for a walk and talk a lot. I am very sociable, so making new friends is very easy to me.




Karolina Kuchyt



Hi everybody!

My name is Karolina
Kuchyt and I’m seventeen years old. I live in Chojna with my parents and
sister. She’s twenty years old and she’s a student in Szczecin (the biggest city next to Chojna), so we meet only on weekends, when she comes to our house. My mother is a teacher and my dad is retired.We have a big family house with a garden.

I study in Chojna at our high school. I'm in class with extended maths, so my favorite subject is maths and I don’t like history.

 I have a boyfriend, so I spend most of time with him.  I like hanging out with my friends, reading books, listening to music and singing in my free time.

I love travelling and meeting new people and that’s why I’m very happy about this project. Can’t wait!

P.S. I was 13 on this photo :)



Katarzyna Zgoda



I’m Kasia and I’m 16. I go to high school  in Chojna but I live in small town, called Trzcińsko-Zdrój. I live there only with my parents, but I have also two older brothers, they’re both students. In school my favourite subject is definitely history. I hope, that my future will be connected with it, because I want to study law. Foreign languages are also very important for me. I speak English fluently more or less and I still want to improve my skills. I’m also learning German and I hope, that soon I’ll be able to communicate with people from other countries by using two languages.

One of my favourite activities after school is reading books. I love reading novels, especially if they’re somehow related to history, but my favourite author is a fantasy writer-J.R.R. Tolkien. I love all of his books about the Middle Earth. I also love rock music, bands like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, System Of A Down, Franz Ferdinand and the Cranberries. In my free time I often draw, especially human portraits in pencil.


That’s all about me. I hope, that we’ll spend a wonderful time together in May!



Klaudia Czuchrowska

Hello! :)

My name is Klaudia Czuchrowska and I’m 17. I was born on 14th of August 1993. I live in Chojna, in Poland in a small house with my Mum and Dad. I have an older brother and sister.

My brother Kamil is 19. He lives in Preston in England. His hobby is playing the guitar. At the moment he is studying in England in the Languages School, after that he would like to study Forensic Science or Criminal Investigation. My sister Kinga is 23. She lives with my brother in Preston. She loves studying and she is quite good at this. She has graduated Public Relations and she is working for the Recruitment Agency right now.

Now something about me JI live in the centre of Chojna (if it is possible to find a centre) so I have about 5 minutes to our School. Chojna is small but really beautiful, safe and very old with lots of monuments city. I am studying in the Secondary School and my profile is “social sciences with law”. I have some extra subjects like: Law and extended History, but I don’t really fancy them. I like PE, Biology and English. I usually get up at 7 o’clock. I’m in 1l ”a” class.

Maybe something about my character? I think that I am a patient, kind, nice and opened to others person. Some people might say that I am also an impulsive person.

I love being outside. To be honest I spent most of the time doing nothing with my friends just walking around our city. I like sport and I play volleyball and I love it! But the best of all are animals! I love them even more than volleyball. I have a dog at home. His name is Max. He is a small doggy but VERY loud and lovelyJ.I am planning to learn horse riding in the summer. What’s more? I like travelling and meeting new people and their culture (and that’s why I’m taking a part in this project). In my free time I usually listen to music and watch movies and sometimes I read books. My favourite title is “Veronica Decides to Die” written by Paulo Coelho. From a while I am watching “Vampires Diaries” which is really nice.

And that’s all about me!

I hope we will spend great time together! I am looking forward to seeing you!






Konrad Gotfryd

Hello! I'm Konrad Gotfryd. I'm sixteen. I live in Czartoryja this is small village near Chojna. Czartoryja is a very beautifull and friendly place. I live in this village with my parents and my younger brother. My mother’s name is Wieslawa and father is Janusz. My younger brother is Karol. He is fourteen. I love doing sport. I am playing in club UKS Sekwoja Brwice . Im the FC Barcelona fan. I love listening to club music. My favourite club is Energy 2000. On Sundays me and my family always go to the church. My favourite color is black. I have got two dogs their names're Sonia and Morus. I love animals. I like watching films. My favourite film is Lord Of The Rings. In the free time I play in the computer games I like game Dark Sector


See you soon!










Krzysztof Małysa


Hi everybody,


I’m Krzysztof Małysa. I‘m sixteen years  old.  I live and study in Chojna. I like motorcycles, music  and computer games. Like everyone I don’t like school  but enjoy meeting new people. In my free time I ride a motorcycle or if the weather is bad Iplay World of Warcraft <3 ;P  I think that’s all.  See you.















Maciej Szajnowski

Hi everyone !

My name is Maciej Szajnowski. I go to High School in Chojna but I live 8 km away from this town, in Krzymów with my family. I’m in the Mathematics class, so we learn lots of Math. I’m 16 years old; I have one younger sister. Her name is Julia and she’s 10.


I live at home with my parents and one sister. We have two houses with garden.


I like listening to music very much. I love reggae and R&B, but I like rock too. Music gives me energy for life. I can’t imagine my life without  music.  I listen to music everyday.


I want to be a famous Hollywod star. On the stage I feel very good and happy. I like to show people funny and crazy anecdotes. I’m friendly and sociable, so making new friends is very easy for me. I like meeting new, interesting people.  

In the future, I would like to go to Los Angeles. This is my biggest dream and I’m crazy about it !

 I like going out with my friends. We often talk about sport and girls. JWhen the weather is good, we go out to play football or volleyball. I like to play basketball too.

           I think, It’s all about me. See ya!





Magda Doroszko

Hello everybody!

My name is Magda Doroszko and I'm 17. I live in a semi-detached house with my parents and older sister in Chojna. Chojna is located in western Poland, so we have only about 15 minutes road to boarder with Germany. There is a great shopping mal called Oder Center, where you can do amazing shopping ;). I' m studying in high school  in Chojna in second class. We also lived with  a black cat, called Puma. It's a extremely lazy creature.


I like spending time with my friends. We always have fun together. It doesn't matter if  we eat pizza or go to a party. I really love them. I also like sport. I often cycle and play volleyball. In my free time I like listening to music or watching TV too.


I'm quite open, talkative and cheerful person, but I feel the best with people, who I know. I think it won't be a problem with our relationships.


My English isn't  perfect, but I think that won’t be a problem. I have no idea what I want to do in the future. I'm thinking about medicine, but I'm not sure.






Magda Drewniak

   My name is Magda Drewniak. I’m seventeen  years old. I’m living In Chojna, the town where I go to school. I have one sister and one brother. They are older than me. My sister twenty - five years and her name is Agata. My brother is thirty and him name is Marcin. They don’t live in home with me and our parents. We have too a dog.This is a Labrador. Him name is Biszkopt, which in Polish means Biscuit.

  I like reading good books or watching films. I also like cycling and ride a roller blades. I’m not good at sports, but I like swimming and dancing. I hate PE. I interesting in anime and manga. My  favourite colors are plum and blue. I also like listening music. I interesting in fashion, so I love shopping. My zodiac sign is Aquarius.









Małgorzata Darul


                                    Hi! My name is Małgorzata Darul. My name is Margaret, Goshia or Maggie English. I’m 16. I live In Godków. It’s a small village. I go to school in Chojna.I live 7 km from my school. My village has many interesting places. There is a bridge, a station from which  I leave for school, a pitch for playing football, a playground, a large forest and many other interesting places.

                                  Maybe a few words about me and my family... JI really like to sing. I sing in different places, I enjoy doing it because there is always a nice atmosphere. I like dancing. I'm an entertaining  girl, always smiling, with a great sense of humor. I am a person who does not refuse to help. I like meeting new people.

My family consists of 7 persons. I have four brothers, three older and one younger. The oldest of them is Chris, is 25 years old, works as a masseur in Chojna. Right behind him is Kamil, is 24 years old, he is studying, living in a boarding house in Szczecin, returns home for the weekend. Then there's Matt, who is 19 years old, attends the same school as me. The youngest member of the family is Fabian who is 5 years. It is a very happy baby, I like to play with him, draw, sing different songs. He likes to play computer games and is only 5 years. My mom's name is Elizabeth, is 44 years old and is unemployed. care of the home and family. My dad is 40 years old and his name Sebastian, he is working abroad and is not often at home. At home I also have two dogs and a cat, yorkie, husky and cat alley. It's probably all I can say about myself and my family.

My best friend's name is Kinga and is 15 years old. Despite this, it is younger like it very much.  I do not have a boyfriend. I'm single.


That's all I can say. I look forward to our meeting.

See you soon:)  I greet all of you, Maggie.



Marta Juścińska


Hi friends from Hungary !


My name is Marta Juścińska and I am 17 years old. I live with my parents and  younger sister in Chojna, where I go to school. I'm in a class of mathematics - economics. I chose it because I like physics and mathematics. At school I learn English,German and Hungarian since not long :)


In my free time I reading books, watching movies with my friends and listen to music.  My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance and Nirvana.


I like traveling and meeting new people and their culture, which is why I participate in this project. So I hope we will have a very good time together and that would be funny ! :)




Michał Jarząb

Hello. I’m Michał Jarząb. I’m 16. I go to High School in Chojna and I live here too, with my parents. But we also have a home in Rosnowo. It’s a small village near Chojna. Next year, at the time of your visit, we’ll move there. I have two sisters but they both live and work in Warsaw.

I like my class and school, there are a lot of great people. My favorite subject is biology. I want to study medicine in the future, because someday I’d like to become a doctor and I’ll work hard to achieve that.

I love reading all kind of books (The Godfather is one of my favorite), watching films and listening to music, especially rock. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Scars on Broadway and System of a Down are the bands that I like the most. I also like spending time with my friends. I play the piano and I also want to learn to play the guitar.

I think I know English quite well, but I know that I still need a lot of work. I also want to increase my German knowledge and, probably after High School, learn French. I’m very happy to take part in this great project. I can’t wait to meet You all.




Nela Karpicka



My name is Nela Karpicka. I live in Stare Objezierze. It's a village near Chojna. I'm 16. I'm in first class in High School. My  favourite school subject is P.E.

In my free time I like listening to music, surfing the internet, watching horror films, shopping,  meeting friends and talking with my older sister Gosia. I also like playing football.

I'm a sociable person. I can make friends easily. I smile a lot. I can't wait to meet you:) I hope we will have nice time together. See you:)









Patrycja Tyczyńska


I’m Patrycja Tyczyńska. I was born on November the 11th and I’m almost 18 years old and I’m a student of a secondary school. I want to describe myself a little bit… ;). I’m in a humanistic class. Polish lesson, history, they’re very interesting. I’ve learned German for 10 years and English for 5. In my house there’re 4 people (my parents, sister who is 24 years old and me) and my beloved dog.

I don’t have a lot of free time but when I finally find it, I read some books (my favourite writer is Paulo Coelho), ride my bike, listen to music (I love AC/DC, Metallica, The Police, The White Stripes, Guns N’ Roses, Placebo- a lot of bands, but they’re my favourite) or meet my friends. I like being with them. When I spend time with my friends I’m very happy, because they’re so funny and we’re never bored. They claim that I have a “sticky laugh”. Yeah, I have to admit that when I laugh, everybody around grows deaf, but I really love laughing! I also like watching football matches.

From Monday to Friday I get up at 6, but at the weekend I let myself to be a little bit lazy... I live in Bielinek (it’s a very small but also really cute village) and it’s about 25 km from Chojna, so arrival at school takes almost 45 minutes (Polish buses…).

When I’m back home I’m very tired. I usually relax and later study. Studying is important for me, but I also try to do what I really want and brings me joy J. In the future I’d like to be an English teacher and being better at this language is my goal. I hope that my plans are going to become a reality.


I’m very glad of this project because I like meeting new people.  Project between Hungary and Poland’s such a great thing. I know some people from your country, because we had a project last year in July. In my opinion it was nice and that’s why I can’t wait to this project. I hope that we’re going to spend awesome time together!


See you in May! :)





Paulina Będzak

 Hi :)

My name's Paulina Będzak. I'm sixteen and I live in Trzcińsko-Zdrój.

This is a small town, near Chojna in the north-west part of Poland.

I've got an 8-year-old sister and we live with our parents.

         I'm interested in music and I like singing. I can sing quite well.

But my favourite hobby is photography. I love taking pictures and keeping

beauty in lens. In my free time I go rollerblading.

I'm a funny girl with a fantastic smile and a hilarious way of laughing.

         For 9 years I have studied German at school. I've been learning English

for one year but I hope we can understand each other and communicate very well.

         Trough this trip I would like to broaden my knowledge of Hungary

and meet a lot of interesting people of different culture.



See you in May :)   


Paulina Zazulak



I'm Paulina Zazulak and I'm 17 years old. I live in Chojna. 
I've got older siblings – two sisters and brother but they don't live with me. 
My dad is a policeman and my mum's a nurse but she doesn't work. We live in a flat. I'm interested in reggae and rock music and photography. I often go to concerts of my favourite bands. I like reading books. I think Paulo Coelho is the best writer. I love dancing and meeting new people too. I usually spend time with my boyfriend and friends. I'm cheerful and optimistic person. 
I study two languages: English and German. I don't like German. Now I'm studying Hungarian and I think that is very difficult language. 
In the photo I'm 15. Now I've got red hair.